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Embracing Green Solutions with P2C

By calculating direct and indirect carbon emissions from maintenance contracts, P2C enables businesses to swiftly recognize energy savings realized through the implementation of low-carbon solutions.

Thanks to P2C. VINCI Facilities can engage in a low-carbon performance contract with their customers.

Data Prediction

This data-driven approach allows businesses to optimize their operations, continually refine their carbon reduction strategies, and ultimately achieve more sustainable building management practices. With P2C's built-in simulator, businesses can predict potential emissions reductions by applying specific operations and low-carbon performance actions (APBC).


Data analysis

P2C not only streamlines carbon reduction efforts in building management but also harnesses the power of advanced data science techniques to analyze contract data. By employing sophisticated algorithms and analytical methods, the platform effectively processes vast amounts of information, pinpointing key insights and trends that facilitate informed decision-making.

P2C is a revolutionary platform developed by VINCI Facilities, dedicated to helping clients reduce their buildings' carbon footprint.


Low Carbon Perf Contract,
a new tool for the energy transition

In this logic of global and systemic evaluation, owners, builders and operators now have a new tool. The CPBC does not only refer to a commitment to reduce energy consumption, it aims to reduce the carbon footprint of a given activity.

Color Palette: Symbolizing P2C
Commitment to Sustainability

The chosen colors for the graphic charter of this platform - white, brown, green, blue-green, and yellow - are carefully selected to reflect our commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.


We are proud to accompany VINCI Facilities, the Facilities Management brand of VINCI Energies, in such an impactful project.


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